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About My Work

Embodiment Coach 


The evolution of my work:


With over 1,000 hours of training and 10,000 hours of teaching, for the last 11 years yoga, breathwork, meditation and healing has been a huge part of my personal and professional journey. 


I co-facilitate Yoga Teacher Trainings in different parts of the world where we blend yoga philosophy and shamanism for a powerful and awakening experience. I believe these ancient practices open us up to our deeper truths. 

 In 2010 I received all of my Reiki certifications. I am now a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and hold Reiki Trainings to pass on the Usui lineage. Energy is what animates all of life and where we can access the root of our suffering. 


I have studied under various renowned teachers around the world including Dr. Gabor Mate, where I studied a form of psychology and received a certification in a method called Compassionate Inquiry. This approach supports various forms of trauma recovery  Trauma is a disconnection from Self, healing is the reconnection of Self! 


 In 2019 I started a Shamanic Womb Medicine Training and completed in 2021. The womb is a woman's most sacred place on earth and is the portal in which all forms of consciousness are birthed. 

In my work, I specialize in Women's Embodiment Mentorship and Womb Healing. This also includes guiding women to access their divine feminine while also having a healthy balanced relationship with their divine masculine. This helps to create a healthy  partnership with themselves and others. My passion is to guide women in birthing their unique truths to the world! Along with the work I do with women, I also am currently offering Yoga classes (both private and group settings), Breathwork facilitation, and trauma recovery coaching which I am all certified in.

I work with many types of trauma including generational, developmental, womb, inner child, psychosomatic, and somatic trauma. Although my primary focus is helping women heal themselves in an embodied way, my services, tools, and knowledge I have learned can benefit everyone.

Training and Backround: 

  • Graduate level program in Compassionate Inquiry under the guidance of Dr. Gabor Mate for inner child healing, psychosomatic trauma and trauma recovery. 

  • Certified Shamanic Womb Medicine Woman (trademarked through The Sacred Womb).

  • Graduate of The School For Shamanic Arts. 

  • Studied with ISTA - International School of Temple Arts.

  • Continuous education on somatic trauma, psychosomatic therapies, developmental trauma, healing generational traumas from the maternal line and paternal line as well as spiritual lineages.

  • Certified Reiki Master passed down from the Usui Lineage. 

  • 10 years of training under various teachers for Reiki healing, energy healing and Shamanic Healing.

  • 500hr+ E-RYT with over 11 years of training and experience in yoga, meditation and breathwork. 

  • A year of traveling through Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia where I studied under various teachers and focused on my own healing journey. 

  • Continuous work and healing with my own mentors and coaches. 

  • Facilitation of monthly Ceremonies and Shamanic Journeys.

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