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I met Nichole when she was facilitating a women's breathwork circle in Costa Mesa, instantly I was drawn to her womanly feminine side. After that first class, I asked her about her private healing sessions and booked one right away and have been so delighted with her work. In person or on zoom, she works with me to sit with my emotions and process them in a way that I had been suppressing with antidepressants, anti anxiety medication, and other substances. Now even when i'm not in direct contact with her, I hear her words and am able to sit with my feelings and process them on my own. Something I never had been able to do before! It's wild! I highly recommend working with Nichole to all my friends, male and female, with no hesitation                  

-Andrea, one-on-one client

Nichole was the yoga teacher I didn't know I needed to learn from. The perfect mix of structure and play. She also reached out to me after a panic attack ( I feel like I could spend a lifetime soaking up knowledge from her and I'd still want more.

-Yoga Teacher Training Student

My 3 month healing journey with Nichole was everything I wished it to be and more. She is trustworthy and provides a safe haven for tapping into places we are usually uncomfortable going, even on our own. She was able to give me clarity and healing with so many things-such as past toxic relationships, childhood trauma, womb healing, my sacred purpose and much more. Every time I left a session I swear I felt lighter from releasing things that no longer served me, and was also buzzing with her beautiful energy! Investing in my inner healing with her was one of the best things I could have done for myself to date 

-Leighanna, 3 month embodiment client

What an incredible breathwork course! I am blown away by the knowledge & wisdom of Nichole. She is a very charismatic & awesome instructor & guide. The course was well organized, had a great flow to it and went by super fast. 

I am more equipped & confident to hold space and offer many different styles of breathwork in my journey... 

thank you thank you Nichole 

Had a blast!

-Kari, Breathwork Training Student

I really enjoyed Nichole's history lectures, she did a good job of presenting key information and helping to map some of the major paths in yoga. Her pose by pose cueing is really easy to follow. Her use of Sanskrit is really impressive and encouraged us to really not be afraid to use it. Does a great job of doing verbal story telling via meditation. Has a really personable and warm container during asana.

-Yoga Teacher Training Student

Nichole’s course, The Wisdom of Your Four Inner Seasons, contains valuable insight for the woman who seeks to develop a new perspective, the inner seasons, and form a deeper connection with her own body.  The  information in this course is of great importance to society as it sheds light on the feminine cycle in a positive manner rather than falsely portraying it as a gross, hush-hush topic, and more, it acts as portal to the inner-dimension of the divine feminine.  The synchronization of the motherboard (the mind) with the system (the body) equals power for the individual as she may be more aware of and act according to her strengths and abilities depending on the season she is in.  This course empowers one with insight on the ancient rhythm encoded within the feminine. 

-WiThe Wisdom of Your Four Inner Seasons student

Moving through the delicate and thought-provoking content in this program, I was struck by the usefulness of the many concepts presented by Nichole, concepts which are with me every day as I reflect upon my history, plan for my future, and soak in the present.  Indeed, this is the warm, healing bubble bath of courses, reminding a woman to nurture, love and embrace her totality.   I am gifted with a sense of ease.  As a result,  I find myself less likely to be caught off guard by the physical and energetic shifting of my experience as a woman from one week to the next.  Instead, I have a firm grasp on where I am in relation to the four seasons.  I can give myself grace regardless of my mood.  I am excited to see my human and my being in a new light.  Knowledge is power, in this case superwoman power.  My heart is full.

-The Wisdom of Your Four Inner Seasons student

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