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Somatic Arts Facilitator Training


New Paradigm, Trauma-Informed Leadership TrainingApril-December 2023

with Nichole Ferro and Jeanine Talento


Learn embodied & collaborative space holding to revolutionize the way you lead.


Do you feel called to facilitate and lead others on their healing journey but don’t know where to begin? Do you feel like you’re not ready to step into this role because you are unsure what your unique

gifts are? 


This first-of-its-kind 9-month New Paradigm Leadership Training is designed for coaches, facilitators, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, and healers who want to learn trauma-informed techniques, somatic processing, and both individual and group space-holding skills.  You will learn how to guide others through powerful practices that help access their innate wisdom beyond their stories and into their truth! The intention of this program is to help you develop and master your craft in human-centered leadership.

Currently Accepting Enrollment
Begins April 4th,2023

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our teachable portal so you can watch another time if you can't make it to all of the live sessions! 

Whats Included?


Module 1: What is Leadership?

Tuesday, April 4 9a-12p PST

Thursday, April 6 4p-7p PST

Tuesday, April 18 9a-12p PST

Thursday, April 20 4p-7p PST

Module 2: Psycho-Education

Tuesday, May 2 9a-12p PST

Thursday, May 4 4p-7p PST

Tuesday, May 16 9a-12p PST

Thursday, May 18 4p-7p PST

Module 3: Developmental &

Inter-Generational Trauma

Tuesday, May 30 9a-12p PST

Thursday, June 1 4p-7p PST

Tuesday, June 13 9a-12p PST

Thursday, June 15 4p-7p PST

Module 4: Somatic Shadow Work

Tuesday, June 27 9a-12p PST

Thursday, June 29 4p-7p PST

Tuesday, July 11 9a-12p PST

Thursday, July 13 4p-7p PST

Module 5: Your body’s Language through Somatic Intelligence 

Tuesday July 25 9a-12p PST

Thursday July 27 4p-7p PST

Tuesday Aug 8 9a-12p PST

Thursday August 10 4p-7p PST

Module 6: A Human-Centered Approach to Leadership 

Tuesday August 22 9a-12p PST

Thursday August 24 4p-7p PST

Tuesday September 5 9a-12p PST

Thursday September 7 4p-7p PST

Module 7: Non-Hierarchal

Approach to Leadership 

Tuesday September 19 9a-12p PST

Thursday September 21 4p-7p PST

Tuesday October 3 9a-12p PST

Thursday October 5 4p-7p PST

Module 8: Knowing Your Why 

Tuesday October 17 9a-12p PST

Thursday October 19 4p-7p PST

Tuesday October 31 9a-12p PST

Thursday November 2 4p-7p PST

Module 9: Stepping Forward & Stepping Up as a Leader  

Tuesday November 14 9a-12p PST

Thursday November 16 4p-7p PST

Tuesday November 28 9a-12p PST

Thursday November 30 4p-7p PST

Topics Covered:

  • Limbic Resonance 

  • Embodied Leadership

  • Self Regulation

  • Somatic Reclamation

  • Introduction to the Nervous System

  • Trauma Awareness & the Nervous System

  • Dissociation & trauma and the brain

  • Experiencing and Analytical Intelligence 

  • How to be a trauma-informed educator

  • Core Beliefs through Stages of Development 

  • Introduction to Coping Mechanisms 

  • Authenticity vs. Attachment

  • How to guide clients to discover their core beliefs

  • Inner Child Healing Techniques

  • Foundations of Shadow Work

  • Masks & Psychological projections

  • Tracking the Shadow 

  • Current of Emotions, Feelings, Sensations and Needs

  • Tracking the Shadow for Self and client technique

  • The Story, the Narrative and the Body

  • Holding the field of the body

  • Somatic Intelligence Processes/giving voice to the body

  • Compassionate Guiding Techniques.

  • Emotional Freedom Release Techniques

  • Un-shaming the experience​

  • Semi-permeable membrane in space holding

  • The Relational Field/Present Moment Facilitation

  • Allowing space for other’s fullness in individual and group settings

  • Discharging the emotions that we hold space for

  • Systems of oppression & old paradigm leadership 

  • Making space for all - we do not lose by someone else succeeding 

  • Working somatically with professional jealousy/envy 

  • Calling people in without attachment to needing praise, recognition, and credit 

  • Limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome 

  • Who are you as a space holder

  • What is your facilitation style 

  • Authentic Marketing in Healing Industry 

  • Create an authentic offering

  • Tangible and practical next steps to step into leadership

  • Creating a web of support 

  • Private contractor, taxes, creating a life of financial abundance 

Plus Monthly Integration Calls 

Advanced and Professional Embodied Space Holding Course

This 9-month online advanced and professional embodied space holding course is comprehensive, rich, and can be applied to anyone looking to advance in their career as a leader. 

April-December 2023

Interested in Learning More? Book a Free Connection Call with Nichole!

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