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The Wisdom of Your Four Inner Seasons Course

Feminine Education

An in depth look into your sacred feminine cycle to unlock your monthly superpowers! 


"We don't receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us" -Marcel Proust

This is a journey that will connect you deeply to yourself and help you understand your natural cyclical nature. The information you will find here is not new information. In fact, this is ancient wisdom and once you begin this course I know you will remember the magic that is within your cycle!

If you are feeling like you missed proper feminine education in your life, you are not alone. This is why I created an introductory program for women. This course includes feminine-based education that is not mainstream that gives you the tools you need to reclaim your womb health and sovereignty. It is in womb work where we return to the ways of the Wise Woman and bow down in humility to our own humanness.

As women, we are naturally cyclical beings and our rhythm is connected to the rhythm of our beautiful Mother Earth. Just like the moon, our womb goes through cycles. This is the essence of the feminine. This may seem foreign to you because in todays society we are only taught negative occurrences within our cycle. The truth is our menstrual cycle brings enormous power and insight to our world and how we move through it. 

The circle that is life is within our sacred bodies and the earth. 


Just as the earth goes through seasons our inner world also goes through seasons. It is crucial to our wellbeing that we understand what is happening within our bodies during these inner seasons. Once we have gathered this wisdom and start to embody it, we can live from a more powerful and authentic place! We are apart of nature and our menstrual cycle teaches us this! Our menstrual cycle is a grounding place of deep wisdom.


 This course is the easiest way for women to learn about their cycle in their own time. This course never expires and you will always have access to it. This course takes you through everything you need to know and understand about the most powerful tool you have ... Your menstrual cycle! 

What This Program Offers:

  • An overview of your cycle as a whole.

  • The science and spiritual nature behind your cycle. 

  • The meaning of your inner seasons.

  • What each phase represents. 

  • How to navigate through each phase.

  • Understanding the cycle of death and rebirth you move through every month.

  • How to use your cycle to live a more authentic and balanced life. 

  • How to use your cycle to create, work, and express yourself. 

  • A guide to help you live a life in harmonious balance. 

  • You womb and her relationship to the moon. 

  • Natural remedies for menstruation.

  • The archetypes within your seasons.

  • Practices to help you embody the archetype within each phase.

  • Understand your own unique cyclical nature.

  • A deeper understanding of yourself as a woman.


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